Monday, October 24, 2011

The Welpman Family {Family Photography}

{Yay! Blogger decided to work for me tonight! I do have two posts in queue but the pics won't load but this one will so...yeah...guess you'll have to wait for those!)

This is the second family I did a couple Saturday's ago, yet another one of Sarah's siblings, but this time she did family pics with her hubby and kids and his family. They were such a fun group, had lots of ideas and a GORGEOUS area to take it in! They live just down the road from the farm I've been taking pics at and love, but they own a hatchery (I think? I'm totally blanking right now...) but anyway, I know they have a lot of land and there are a LOT of ponds on it and lots of wooded areas and countryness and yeah... :) Love it!

This is the biggest group I've had so it was definitely a learning experience and a bit hard for me! There's just so much you have to think of at the same time and with not having things automatic yet it was a good experience :) The thing I had the most trouble with was dealing with the lighting....which first off it was early afternoon so the sun is a smidge more difficult to deal with and then half the time we were in treed areas so with the light coming in through the branches/leaves/etc. I didn't always catch when one person had a bright or shaded spot when everyone else didn't...shoulda been easy to catch right, but I was also focused on getting the right settings/posing/getting everyone to look/smile/keep their eyes open/etc. that I kinda got distracted sometimes, still learning and slowly getting better! :) But I still loved this session and had lots of fun. Thanks again for letting me take your family pics! Anywho! Here are the pics! {These are backwards, just fyi, I always forget blogger uploads them backwards from what you put them in...weird...)

This was taken kinda in between/moving spots but I just adore it!

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