Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Mills Family {Family Photography}

And this is the latest session I've done. Last week I took this family's pictures. They are a family I've met at church here and I went out to their house to take these. I was a bit off that morning with rushing to take the kiddos to preschool and baby-sitters and stupidly left my fully charged battery in its charger...I was so annoyed with myself! Luckily I keep a back up battery in my bag, which I thought was charged but of course it wasn't. So luckily it was this family that it happened to and luckily we were at their house so we let it charge for awhile and sat and visited while it did. My challenge this time was getting the pictures we wanted done before it died (I didn't fully charge it because it would have taken way too long). So we got down to work and it worked out perfectly! Like seriously...I had just taken the last shot/grouping we wanted to do and was gonna do an extra shot of it but it died right then. So luckily it lasted til we got what we wanted and here's the Mills Family!

These kids were so great and patient! 

Gorgeous family!

Such a cutie!

and a lovely young lady!

and of course the littlest are always adorable!

little stud too! :)

trying to get some fun ones in :)

This is one of my favorite sibling shots! 

The girls!

And the boys! and then it died :) But yeah for it working enough!
Thanks again Mills Family! And thank you again for being so patient with me :)

The Jones Family {Family Photography}

I met this Momma and her daughters at my daughters gymnastics class and since we moms sit there for an hour and wait the class out we usually get to talking. :) So after awhile momma Mckenzie and I got to talking more and I ended up doing their family pictures while her husband was home from his deployment for his R&R. Being a military wife myself, I really love doing sessions for other military families! I'm hoping to soon start doing some homecomings around here once the holidays are over and I have time for it :) Anyway, family sessions are wonderful to do and I really enjoyed this one! We started out on some wooded/trail areas and ended up on the dock I used at the Korpi family session. I really, really love how these ones turned out, especially at the dock! Such a gorgeous night and gorgeous family!

These two little girls are so adorable!

Love the look on her face!

They were definitely energetic as well but she really could turn on a smile! 

a little bit of "following the kid" shot :) love the light here through her hair

can't forget the wee one!

I'm a big fan of profile/side/more serious shots, as my daughter is notorious for only giving me good ones like that, but I love how they turn out!

sweet sisters!

and the happy parents!

such a beautiful family!

I love their little personalities shining through here ;)

loved the lighting! and such a happy face! 

These ones are my absolute favorites!

love her hair here :)
And there's the Jones family! SO pleased with how these turned out :)

The Senecal Family {Family Photography}

Here is another military family, although we met this family after we moved here. They were one of my more energetic families (the kiddos anyway) so my challenge this time was getting them to stand still for pictures! :) At the end I just followed them around a bit, which I do a lot of the time for kids at the get some more "free/real" moments which are sometimes the best! This time they were definitely worth following around! My favorite shots were at the end of the session :)

Cute family!

little stud, he was so cute!

She was a toughy to get to look at the camera but I caught her! :)

She was too but still cute!

I got a lot of her "playing" 

Her as well...she loved to run!

can't forget the boy!

Absolutely love this one!

She's so adorable!