Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Austin {Infant Photography}

Before I took the Welpman Family pics, Addie (the baby's mom :) asked me to take some of the baby by himself, which I was so excited to do because I really want more experience with infants/babies and I have some fun, cute props for it too! Unfortunately this didn't go as well as I had hoped, partly because he was a month old (not the prime time to take infant pictures :( ) , he was WIDE awake and just had woken from a nap when I got there, and then the rest of the fam was getting ready for the family pics so it was a little busy. So he wasn't too happy with me and didn't want to relax and did NOT want to wear any of the cute hats I have! I did get him in one before he got mad but I was kinda sad. :( I did get a few but hopefully in the near future I'll find someone else to try out more infant shots! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Corpening Family {Family Photography}

{I figured it out! So here's one of the posts I've been trying to post but couldn't...although the images are turning out a little blurry, not sure why, they aren't like that on my computer so...oh well, super sorry about that! least they loaded! And they are a bit out of order too, but that's no biggie :) }

This past Saturday I did two family sessions, and once again they were siblings of my best friend Sarah! Thanks for having so many siblings Sarah! :) Anywho...this is her sister Tacy's family (their farm is the one I've been using to take pics at, thanks again Tacy! You're so great!). I've been learning some new things that I put to use this session and I'm pretty happy with the results! I did have a couple eek moments while I was going through them but LUCKILY I was also shooting JPEG+RAW and was able to fix the RAW version with no problems! Thank goodness for that!!!! I was also really happy that I've continued to change things up even though I'm at the location. I did, of course, use some of the same spots but luckily since they live there, we were able to do some different things. :) So here we go!

And here's two of my fav "before and after" that I did, yay RAW image editing! :)

The Welpman Family {Family Photography}

{Yay! Blogger decided to work for me tonight! I do have two posts in queue but the pics won't load but this one will so...yeah...guess you'll have to wait for those!)

This is the second family I did a couple Saturday's ago, yet another one of Sarah's siblings, but this time she did family pics with her hubby and kids and his family. They were such a fun group, had lots of ideas and a GORGEOUS area to take it in! They live just down the road from the farm I've been taking pics at and love, but they own a hatchery (I think? I'm totally blanking right now...) but anyway, I know they have a lot of land and there are a LOT of ponds on it and lots of wooded areas and countryness and yeah... :) Love it!

This is the biggest group I've had so it was definitely a learning experience and a bit hard for me! There's just so much you have to think of at the same time and with not having things automatic yet it was a good experience :) The thing I had the most trouble with was dealing with the lighting....which first off it was early afternoon so the sun is a smidge more difficult to deal with and then half the time we were in treed areas so with the light coming in through the branches/leaves/etc. I didn't always catch when one person had a bright or shaded spot when everyone else didn't...shoulda been easy to catch right, but I was also focused on getting the right settings/posing/getting everyone to look/smile/keep their eyes open/etc. that I kinda got distracted sometimes, still learning and slowly getting better! :) But I still loved this session and had lots of fun. Thanks again for letting me take your family pics! Anywho! Here are the pics! {These are backwards, just fyi, I always forget blogger uploads them backwards from what you put them in...weird...)

This was taken kinda in between/moving spots but I just adore it!