Sunday, September 22, 2013

Morgan {Bridal Photography}

And the last session (yay I'm FINALLY caught up on my blog!) was of my dear friend Morgan! She was actually married in July but brought her dress back so I could play around and do a bridal session! I've been wanting to do one for a long time but just haven't had the opportunity so it was fun to do it for fun for a friend. Our other friend Beverly came with to help and just really have a little "girl" outing so it was super fun. Perfect session to do for a trial/first time one...casual, fun, no pressure so I was able to be more relaxed/not so nervous as I still sometimes get with sessions :) Anywho! Here's the gorgeous Morgan!

The Jones Family 2014 {Family Photography}

And now for the latest sessions I've done! This past weekend I was able to take this sweet family's pictures again, which it's always so wonderful to have a repeat family, especially one that I've become friends with! The daddy of the fam was home for R&R again so time for family photos! :) This time we did the beach at sunrise which was SO pretty! I haven't done too many sessions at all at sunrise but I might have to talk more people into it. :)

The DiPasqua Family {Family Photography}

My first family session of the fall! (well technically not fall but ya know ;) I guess more like the "family session" season :) We had some delays but in the end it worked out the day we did it...and it was super gorgeous and beautiful out so even better! I love the sunsets here by the water, so pretty and great for pictures! This cute little family was so fun...toddlers definitely make for an interesting session, trying to keep up with them and trying to keep them still for at least ONE picture where they're looking, but a lot of the time I love the more "candid"/following them around/letting them be themselves. Love little kids!

Andrew {One Year Old Photography}

After doing Max's Cake Smash I was super excited to do my own little guys! I had to wait a bit to get to do it cuz they're two months apart but it was worth it! So far the kids have all been somewhat hesitant to get into the cake but not my boy! I took some pics of him by himself at first but he was cranky so I pulled out the cake, put him down, and hurried back to my spot with my camera with barely enough time to get his first touch of the cake! He just WENT for it! And he totally didn't want to stop...he just kept going and totally enjoyed it :) Love this kid!!!! :)

Evelyn {2 year old Photography}

This little cutie is a friend of the White Family, whom I took family pics of last year. I love getting referrals! Makes me happy :) Anywho....little Evelyn turned two so her Momma wanted pictures! She was definitely an active little two year old and it took a lot of work to get her to look and smile but we got her Daddy to do some animal noises which proved to be the right trick...sometimes you just gotta try and try til you get the right trick! :) If all else fails, pull out some cake ;)