Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kaitlyn, 1 year Cake Smash

On Valentine's day my good friend Nicole's little girl turned 1! So of course I wanted to try out another cake smash, plus Kaitlyn is my buddy and she is SO adorable! I'm going to be so sad when she moves next week and then we move after, they are going to Korea so I won't see them for a LONG TIME! :) So I was happy to do this for Nicole before they left :)

The Birthday Girl! 

Some girly pics...with a silly face :)

see? adorrable! :)

I love this one!

Time for cake! She sat there like this and yelled at it for a bit before she ate silly!

and then went all finger at a time...testing it out ya know? :)

Then she decided it tasted good and went for it! 

didn't even care when the tulle got caught

absolutely loooove this one!

and done!
I really love doing these cake smash shoots and hope I can do more in the future! They're so fun!