Saturday, October 8, 2011

Evelyn {Two Year Old Photography}

I wasn't going to do Evelyn's pictures til next week (which I'm still gonna do a couple because I made a birthday/picture dress to do her pics in but still need to fix the straps and I got some pumpkins for her birthday party and had to use them in the shoot, hence taking pics before the party! :) I had fun with this although she was a bit hard to keep focused...I've never had much luck getting her to pose/look at the camera/etc for an actual shoot, which is fine, I've gotten some great shots despite that, but I guess that's the rambunctious toddler coming out! :) I got some good front shots this time and some great ones that show her personality so I'm super happy with them!

The set up I had in my head! :) So cute!

Didn't last long though cuz when I went to change it Evelyn let the balloons go! whoops!

So sad!

Even sadder!

She wouldn't let the balloon thing go though..

This is probably my favorite gorgeous!
One of my favs!

Another fav!!!

So there you have it! My beautiful baby girl, who is definitely no longer a baby! Next week I'm doing a one year old shoot so stay tuned!

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