Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Austin {Infant Photography}

Before I took the Welpman Family pics, Addie (the baby's mom :) asked me to take some of the baby by himself, which I was so excited to do because I really want more experience with infants/babies and I have some fun, cute props for it too! Unfortunately this didn't go as well as I had hoped, partly because he was a month old (not the prime time to take infant pictures :( ) , he was WIDE awake and just had woken from a nap when I got there, and then the rest of the fam was getting ready for the family pics so it was a little busy. So he wasn't too happy with me and didn't want to relax and did NOT want to wear any of the cute hats I have! I did get him in one before he got mad but I was kinda sad. :( I did get a few but hopefully in the near future I'll find someone else to try out more infant shots! :)

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