Monday, October 3, 2011

The Leonard's {Family Photography}

This past week I was able to take pictures of my sister and her beautiful family! I was very excited to do it and it went pretty good! I love the pictures and love the setting (we went back to my friends family farm), although I was a little worried about going to the same place and trying not to do the same stuff I did before but I think we did pretty good in that regard! Plus more people changes up what you do for poses anyway.

I will say here that I'm sorry for the slight inconsistency of my watermark/logo throughout the pics...I've been reading up a lot on watermarks/publishing pics online and the reality of people stealing your images and using them for themselves/copying/cropping/editing/etc....there's so much stuff out there on all this! It's crazy and overwhelming and scary sometimes ;) So while I was editing/watermarking this session I kinda did a couple different things to try out and see how I liked it (more so for the pics I posted on facebook than here) and I'm still deciding exactly how I want to do things...I just want to be able to protect my photos and not have to worry about anything else! I love photography and taking the pics and even love editing, I just don't look forward to learning/having to deal with all the business stuff attached...ugh...not my forte! But I'm slowly learning what I need to do and know that it will be a long process to learn everything I need to be successful so patience is what I need! :)

So's some of my favs from the session...more are posted on facebook on my new ForEvers After Photography page! I got tired of putting everything up on my personal page so I made this one so please stop on by and "like" me! :)

Oh, and here's a couple of fyi's before I start...these are backwards...blogger does that when you upload but whatev! :) Next..don't you just LOVE the colorings of most of these? I, of course, did a lot of different edits, but the ones shown mostly here are a particular one that I's called brown haze and it's from the Pure Haze Collection from Pure Photoshop Actions. Absolute LOOVE it, especially outside and with the barn wood here! It's GORGEOUS! I'll have to do a before and after and post it later so you can see the magicalness of it... it's just so rich and warm and yummy! ;) If any of you use photoshop and want some awesome actions I HIGHLY recommend these awesome ladies! for real, the pics!

Don't you love the texture/writing on the background? I recently got some textures from Ginny Haupert Textures and I just love the look of this! Textures are a bit tricky and one of the things I'm working on learning/getting just right....they can be so fun though!

And the perfect pic to end with! This little guy is such a little stud and such a poser and so cute!

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