Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Allison {Maternity Photography}

This session was with a friend of mine from elementary/high school who was expecting her 2nd baby! I was Super excited to do a maternity session, I've only done the mini one for my sister, and really love how these turned out! She had her little boy a week ago and now has a sweet little boy named Dale! Congrats again! Wish I was there to take pics of the cute little guy!

The Anderson Family {Family Photography 2013}

Another session I did in Missouri was with the Anderson family, another repeat family! I love having customers ask me to do their pictures again....makes me feel great because they like what I've done and it challenges me to do something different! These guys were absolute troopers was one of my last couple nights in Missouri and the weather was getting crummy and was gonna snow the day after, and did snow, but we braved some slightly wet, cold weather and got an awesome session out of it! I really love the coloring in these pictures and love pretty much how everything turned out! Thanks again Anderson family for being such a great family to photograph!

Love this adoring look she's giving him! :) 

The Jones Family {Family Photography 2013}

I know I'm a pretty sporadic blogger with my pictures/sessions but I have done a few sessions in the past month to catch up on and hopefully will have some more coming up! I made a little trip back home to Missouri in March and was able to do a few sessions while I was there, including a come back customer, the Jones Family! I'm still not able to post all the pictures since they still have their adorable little foster boy with them and I'm not allowed to post them but here are a few that I can post! :) Hopefully someday I can post the rest! They're a super cute little family!