Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Senecal Family {Family Photography}

Here is another military family, although we met this family after we moved here. They were one of my more energetic families (the kiddos anyway) so my challenge this time was getting them to stand still for pictures! :) At the end I just followed them around a bit, which I do a lot of the time for kids at the get some more "free/real" moments which are sometimes the best! This time they were definitely worth following around! My favorite shots were at the end of the session :)

Cute family!

little stud, he was so cute!

She was a toughy to get to look at the camera but I caught her! :)

She was too but still cute!

I got a lot of her "playing" 

Her as well...she loved to run!

can't forget the boy!

Absolutely love this one!

She's so adorable!

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