Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My little guy {Infant Photography}

Hey! Remember me? Well I'm back from a loooong break....and here's the reason why!

Or a big part of the reason anyway :) This little guy was born on August 17 and has been such a joyful addition to our family! He's sweet and cuddly and cute and so funny. We love him to bits! He definitely makes our family feel more complete. 

One great thing about having an infant constantly around is I've been able to try out some infant pictures finally! I've only done my little nephew and one friend's baby girl but infants are definitely hard to work with and need lots of practice! So this post is some of the things I've done with our new little guy and his sister and daddy :) 

My mom came to visit for the birth so before she left she wanted to go and see the ocean so we took my 1 week old little guy and his sister in their matching little anchor outfits and went to the beach! 

Proud big sister

We love Grammy!

and my little guy!

so sweet 

And these pictures are from when he was 2 weeks old. I was working on using some props (harder than it looks!) and positioning him while keeping him asleep/comfortable. I did pretty good, but luckily he's a pretty easy going baby to work with. 

This one is my favorite!

These pictures were from 1 month. I had been wanting to get some cute ones with his sister and I really wanted to get some with his daddy in uniform. I wanted him to wear his dress blues but the "ribbons" or something weren't up to date so he wore his khaki one, which is my personal favorite anyway :) I did take more than this but haven't gotten around to editing anymore.... :) that always happens with your own photos right? :)

Can you tell we're Bama fans? :)

I really love these with his dad

this is my all time favorite!!!

These next ones are from his 3 month mark (I didn't do anything special for 2 mths) and luckily it was close to the holidays so I could try out the lights background! I've been wanting to do this for ever and really love the look of it. I think I might try it again doing a few things different this next week but we'll see ;)

my strong boy!

and his big sister :) She didn't really want to take pictures but was a good little model for me :) (She just turned 3 two months ago and is such a big girl and a big help to me with the new guy :)

So that's what's been keeping me busy these last few months! My little guy turns 4 months next week so I think I'll try something for that. Anyway...I have 6 family sessions from the past couple months waiting in line to be posted so on to that! :)

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