Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Asa and Aubree McMains {Family Photography}

I know these guys might look a little familiar but here are the McMains, one year later! Aubree texted me one day and asked if I could take their family pics again and luckily it was right before I went to MO for my trip so it all worked out to do them. I met them up one morning at Powell Gardens, such a pretty place!, and we took some pictures! We pretty much followed the kids around the paths, stopped wherever there was a pretty spot they liked and just enjoyed the nice, hot, Missouri morning! :) I was a little nervous, doing my first repeat customer and all but also felt so happy that they came back to me! Always a nice boost to your uneasy/not so confident self to have someone ask you to take their pictures again. :) So thank you so much McMains family! I really enjoyed taking your family pictures and hope you're as happy as you were the first time, if not more! :)

I was nervous too though about making sure to make it different, which sometimes it is, but it was a much different location and they went more casual dress so I think I did pretty good on changing things up a little. Still need to work on that though and in directing people but I'm slowly getting better! It was a bit difficult to get a good group one because the kids were all focused in different directions but luckily we got some right in the beginning that turned out great, didn't even have to swap heads to get one where everyone was looking! :) Anywho...enough of my babbling, here's the pictures!

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