Sunday, August 21, 2011

The McMains Family, Take Two! {Family Photography}

This week I do another sibling of the McMains Family...this time my best friend Sarah's brother Aaron and his wife Robin, who I happen to have known since second grade so this was fun shoot! Aaron was home on leave from his deployment for two weeks so Robin asked me to take some family pictures for her, so of course I did! Helping out a friend and fellow military wife is something I'm super happy to do! :) Anyway, we went out to the family farm the other morning and took some AMAZING pictures, if I do say so myself :) This is probably my favorite shoot up to date. The lighting was gorgeous, the setting was awesome, and it was just perfect! I've been learning more about my camera and different settings so my pictures are starting to turn out better and I didn't have to "fix" edit as much this time so I'm pretty happy with myself for that! So here's the pics!

I've always loved this stretch of road before you get to the farm! I was so excited to take pics on it finally! And we got it at the perfect time, the sunlight streaming through the trees was just AMAZING!

These are my second FAVS, after the gorgeous tree lighting :) I love the whole scene with the trees and barn and the picturesque!

Thanks again for letting me take your pics Robin! I absolutely love them and almost wish they were mine :) SO don't be surprise if I have these hanging in my house someday! :) haha...

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