Monday, September 26, 2011

Avery {Infant Photography}

I recently took a little vaca to visit family and friends down south and while I was in Mississippi I was able to take a few pics for my good friend Chelsea, who just had an ADORABLE little girl!!! I was super excited to do them for her but wish I had more of my props/etc. with me to do cuter things! I wasn't really prepared but got some cute shots still! I'm still super new with working with newborns so I've gotta work on my skills/techniques for that and be more confident about doing things. I've also got to learn more about lighting/flash/etc for inside. I've kinda been focusing on other things lately because I've been doing so much outdoor work so I haven't put much time in learning more about indoor so that's definitely on my list to do! So here's some of my favs from Avery's session!

This one is my absolute favorite! Love the little half smile!

I saw someone do something similar to this on pinterest (LOVE the military ones, so cute!) and I definitely had to try it out! Her daddy is deployed to Afghanistan right now so very, very fitting! She didn't quite like it so I grabbed a quick shot and we got her off :)

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