Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ricky & Amanda {LDS Wedding Photography}

I met this couple at church. They actually got married last year, although at his hometown, but had to wait until this summer to be sealed in the Temple. (Click here  and here to find out more of LDS Temples) So when she asked me I was a bit nervous to do it but also excited so I said yes and am glad I did! I'm a bit nervous to do weddings but since LDS Weddings/Sealings are done inside the Temple where you're not allowed to take pictures of the ceremony, I felt a little bit less nervous. Taking pictures at LDS Weddings mostly consists of the couple coming out of the Temple, group pictures, pictures of the couple, and the reception so a bit less pressure with not having to take pics of the ceremony :) Which that's the most nerve-wracking part for me. Anywho... :) I drove up to Raleigh to the Temple and took their pics and had a lot of fun! It was neat to do something different and broaden my photography genres. :) So here's some pics from that day!

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