Sunday, January 29, 2012

NMCB 1 Delayed Party Homecoming!

I know it's been a looooooooooooong time since I've posted here but things have been suuuuuuper slow since I moved back to Mississippi and will continue to be slow especially since I'm moving again in March! :) I did do a 1st birthday cake smash session for my good friend's little boy but am having an editing slump with it...I was expecting a nice sunny day outside and so I set it all up in a nice spot in my house to get the sunlight but it was cloudy and gloomy and I wasn't prepared with anything else but my regular lights. So I've had to mess with it a lot more to make it the way I wanted and it's taking a long while. :/ Eek.

But anyway.....this past week I had the opportunity to take pics for my good friend Chelsea and Jaime who both had their husbands come back from their deployment this week! I was so super excited for them and so excited to take pics. It's such an exciting day anyway but BOTH of these women had babies while their husbands were deployed so that made it just even more exciting/special/amazing. I still tear up just thinking about it! It was just so sweet and wonderful to capture those moments of the daddies meeting their babies for the first time and it just melts my heart! I loved being a part of it! So here's my friend Chelsea first. Her hubby came off first :)

waiting for the buses to arrive!

Love this cutey! She's so pudgy baby cute! :) 

And the buses are here!

Yay! almost time!

Daddy is found!

So happy!

Meeting his little girl!

I ADORE this shot!

Trying to hold Avery but it didn't work out so well :) 

The happy happy family! Yay!
And here is the Connor Family! I was worried I was gonna miss them, she had asked me two days before to take pics for her because she had heard I was taking some for Chelsea so I was definitely ok with that as long as they didn't come off the bus at the same time. Luckily, for me anyway, they had a hard time finding him and by the time I was done taking Chelsea's pics, I went over to them and followed til they found him. One of the little boys took off and we tried to get him back but he actually found his dad! So cute!

Looking for daddy!


Mom made it over... he was waay done the line. 

Meeting the new baby!!! SO sweet!

And the other kids finally made it over! SO happy!

Spending a few more seconds with the new baby, see? isn't that one of the most touching things ever?

heart melting right here! Love it so much

And the family is complete! Congrats again you guys!

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