Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Mergen Family {Sneak Peak}

This session was actually done before the last two sneak peeks but I was trying to get them done before I left but didn't...oh well. Can't do it all! So I've gotten quite a few done and thought I'd put them up here before I left. After this post I'm packing up the computer so I'll besides checking stuff on my iphone, I'll be pretty much off the posting for awhile...

So this family I've known for a LONG time! The momma was my high school English teacher, and has always been a fav of mine ;), and I actually babysat for the two little ones when Matti was a wee lil' baby! So I was really excited to do this session and LOVED how it turned out! Gorgeous family, gorgeous location, gorgeous day! :)

A before and after shot of the parents! :)

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